Monday, July 20, 2015

Graceland - is as pretty as its name

If I had a do-over on the tour I'd do winter.
Just sayin....
It's hot hot hot in Tennessee.
And silly me did I think there'd be a BUNCH of fans and sightseers
wanting to tour Graceland??
However, I did manage to get the front of the home without a bunch
of people taking selfies.
I have to admit it was smaller than I thought.
And, I thought it would be in the middle of nowhere.
But probably when Elvis purchased it - it was.

This is the entry/foyer into the house and there's a gorgeous
changelier that I didn't get a shot of in this photo.
There is a bunch of people constantly meandering about that
its almost impossible to get a photo without people in it.
The upstairs is off limits - maintaining Elvis's privacy.
This is the living room off to the right when you enter.
 This is a time capsule of the 1970's and also an expression
of opulence - than "one has made it."
And Elvis certainly did that - and he brought his most 
cherished possessions with him - his family.
 The other side of the living room.
 This was Vernon and Gladys's bedroom.
His parents.
 The dining room.
 I had to get the china cabinet in.
I'm fond of china cabinets.
 "Twas a modern kitchen back in the day.
 Fried PBJ with bananas.
 The billard room was in the cellar and its wild.
Sadly lighting was an issue, but every single area of this
room has material in it.
Loud, busy material.
One could say that it kept you awake in the wee hours whilst
playing pool.
The infamous jungle room.
Again with the lighting it was hard to get
 but I can see where you could kick back and relax in it.
 The media room that had all the latest and greatest in gadgets
and technologies for that era.
And Elvis liked to watch 3 TV's at a time as well as any
type of music - on the latest record players.
 The backside of the house had a love patio, yard and pasture area.
 And of course the pool.
There was also a gun range, a studio and a structure that held all
his accolaides which are MANY.
From gold records to oscars to charities and the majority of tailored costumes.
Also Priscilla's wedding gown which is absolutely gorgeous.
There is also a beautiful meditation garden.
Here Elvis and the people close to him have been laid to rest.
 Marking his grave is an eternal flame.
 He also had horses on the estate and his was named Rising Son.
He named the horses's quarters House of the Rising Son.
 We took the basic tour. 
I have to admit it was annoying with all the people around
because of course people lolled about and got in the way LOL.
It was hard to soak it all in and enjoy it.
But that's just me.


  1. Great snapshot of Graceland! We definitely have to go, in winter, teehee. Just like the Alamo, shouldn't be in the middle of town!

    Love that it is a time capsule from his era, so you can see how lavish he lived for that time.

    I need to do some blogging too, lol!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. What an experience! Love the shot you got of the house itself!

  4. looks the same ~we were there over 20 years ago. Fun to see. Was there a souvenir shop across the street?

    1. There's a ton of giftshops up and down the street - but mostly its where you get the shuttle to go across to the house.


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