Friday, July 24, 2015

Kootenai National Forest - Hwy 37S

You know I love old structures and couldn't resist this one
on the way out of Glacier.
I have since discovered that my canon lens 18-135 manual
focus was broken from a previous fling
on ferry with a cement bottom and I have been using
that lens with abandon.
Having discovered that - I actually packed
a fixed 30mm Sigma lens my favorite eldest son gave me
and decided to give that a whirl since I found that that was 
a good length when I was photoshopping my glacier photos.
In using the lens I found that I was more concious of 
the photos I was taking.
And following are those photos.

In the National Forest of Kootenai
is Lake Murphy
of course we had to stop and take photos.
This is the Troy bridge.
There are campsites at $9.00 along the Kootenay River and/or Lake 
which was way too early for us to stop, 
however, a coffee break was in order and what a perfect place.
Lily Dam.
RR tracks as we went over the bridge to 
get to the tower of steps to get to the falls.
And did a train go by in the 40 minutes we spent there?
It went by AFTER we exited the trail for the falls.
We hiked to the Kootenai Falls which involved
I'm really impressed that we actually walked the mile
to get to the falls.
There was a swing bridge we did not hike to.
Because A. I hate heights and a swing bridge
would be oh shall we say not welcome.
Do you see that fuzzy line?
That's the swing bridge.

A bit over processed. 
My bad.
However, for the most part. 
It's all good.
We found a lovely site for tonight
and I got the laundry done.
Yes, even on an awesome road trip there are some 
mundane things that must be done.


  1. Beautiful photos! Sorry about the duplicate comments. Was trying to read from Facebook on phone...too convoluted.


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