Sunday, July 26, 2015

Scrapbooking on the road - 1st round

I apologize for the photo quality - these were
taken with my iphone as each
page as completed. Then I had to wait for wifi in order
for them to transfer to my computer
to upload.
This is the first page of the album - kind of explains
things and sets up the rest of the book.
I did get a tad windy LOL!
 I have limited supplies and decided that 8.5x11 in
project life style would be the ticket.
Never having done PL before I can see that the majority
of stuff I packed is not quite right for it.
Which aggravated me to no-end and it does
mess with the mojo.
However, I shall perservere or stop at a Michael's or Hobby Lobby :)
 I have been saving ephemera and then couldn't decide if
I wanted to add it to my journal or the album.
The album won and I'm doing things a bit different in my
journal too in the way I make entries.
More on that later.
These photos are the about the ride to BB King's museum.
If you get in the area its quite incredible
and his life was nothing short but blessed.
 This next page also focuses on our cruise up Hwy 61
known as the Mississippi Blues Trail - where the blues
muscians traveled to get the crossroads at town
and went down to Beale Street to practice their music.
The Blues cafe has the best bbq ribs -EVER.
 Next up of course was the King of Rock n Rolls
Graceland. It was absolutely gorgeous and smaller
than I had expected. I did take some interior shots but
didn't include them here yet - because I was getting annoyed
at the printer and myself.
Scrapbooking is supposed to be fun.
Since I'm doing it PL style I can toss them in anytime.
Or not.
 Next up was the rush to Glacier National Park
and what a bust that was.
We did get to see some of it - and then made the
decision to move on as the fires are still blazing.
 We were able to ride partially on the Road to the Sun
but because of the size of our RV we had to turn around
at Avalanche - however, as the fire progressed
it was eventually closed anyway.
I was a bit annoyed that I purchased 4x6 portrait - I hardly
ever take portrait shots however, the album
is small enough that it can be turned for viewing pleasure.

I was trying to do pages as I posted the photos but you can
see how well that plan turned out. 
Its hard to break out the supplies due to duration of an overnight stay.
And then there's lack of wifi and internet service.'ll have to see some of them twice.
My bad :)


  1. awesome trip idea. Love how you are doing the album:)

  2. I love how you are chronicling your trip both on the blog and on pages. I am so afraid I am going to forget the funny and/or interesting details by the time I have enough patience and Internet to blog ours...


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