Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Scenes from the Dauphin Island Ferry

This is our second ferry ride.
We adore ferries.
And this was on a lovely day.
Love pelicans - too bad about window glare :|
I paid for this pose.
 This was our swan song with our soon to former RV.
We had great trips in it, but now we're looking for a bit more room.
The lovely part was being able to make a sandwich on the ride
and devour it.
 And oil rigs are everywhere.
They are very cool.
I happened to be on the right side of the boat to get this.
Or should I say starboard.
 Fort Gains - was so very cool.
And don't the cannons rock?
Especially from the ferry boat - which was way smaller
than we have normally been on.
 And a muddy river, blue skies and white clouds.
The skies change like the wind.
Drives me crazy - with the settings.
I have a book to write these things down in.
Did I do that??
NOOOO.....which I know surprises you.

So far the scrappy part has been non-existent.
It has been a wild ride from Florida to Texas and picking up the new one.
Mostly we've been traveling wildly from KOA to KOA
to get to the dealship on time.
Nothing is easy in dealing with a dealership.
It took all day to get things done and get on the road.
And internet is spotty at most places.
Therefore, we set up camp, eat and by then its bed time.

On the intinery for tomorrow - heading up to BB Kings museum
and then hit the Delta Blues museum.
I'm not sure if its going to be the same day.
Its FUN.


  1. Great photos, Lynn! I love ferries too, but haven't been on one since April. Maybe later this trip in the Great Lakes. Enjoy your new rig, you earned it after a day at the dealership!!

  2. Your photos are fantastic, Lynn! I feel like I'm traveling along with you. :) Oh, maybe now that you'll have a bigger rig, I could. LOL!


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