Friday, July 17, 2015

Traveling the Blues Highway 61

We started at the Lousiana circle which gave
us a bird's eye view of the railway bridge on the border
of Vicksburg - a wonderfully quaint city.
 I didn't get many photos - as I'm still working
out the logistics in the new rig.
The side window has an even bigger mirror and a screen.
Since I couldn't do any about the mirror
I removed the screen and that helped the driveby shots.
The front window was all about dodging bug guts.
And below is an old railway station.
 And dry docked off the side of the road was this
gorgeous ship.
 Huge cotton fields and corn throughout the ride
and they're still called plantations.
 The BB King museum was wonderful - chockful
of awesome memoriabilia and about this life story.
His journey of where he started to what he became - A blues icon
is absolutely riveting.
 No photos allowed in the museum.
But the outside was cool.
 This is Morgan Freeman's blues bar.
Lots of sofas and chairs outside just waiting on a jam session.
 And the Delta Blues museum was also chockful
of all the greats and their journeys were just as remarkable as BB's.
 The highway was very fun.
We continued the ride to the "crossroads"
where the blues started.
And we went to Beale street where all the Blues greats 
honed their craft - 
it was sortof like a clean Bourbon Street-
blues pouring out from the bars and juke joints.

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  1. Lynn, I love this post! What a cool trip idea.

    And I can totally relate to the trials of RV drive by photos, especially trying to avoid the bug guts. :-)


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