Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Yellowstone National Park is amazing

If you ever need to pick a place to go PICK
It's an amazing national park - bar none.
(Yeah Nick I know you love Grand Tetons but....)

We camped in Bay Bridge and RV/Tent campground
that was bar bones. We boondocked - which means no facilities-
no electric- water - sewer and/or dump.
AS we were driving out of our camp on our way to look for critters
we didn't get around the first curve and SHAZAM - ELK.
 These are juvenile elk.
Right outside our RV window.
 And thermals and cauldrens.
And Bison jams.
 I truly think these bison KNOW exactly what they're doing.
 And they are totally messing with the humans.
At least twice a day they decide to cross the highway - 
to get to the other side.
Then decide they need to go back to the other side.
Because the grass is always greener
and its alot of fun to cause a traffic jam and make humans suffer and wait.
 The Grand Prismatic Spring - is soooo pretty.
 And colorful. I took a photo for a group
and they returned the favor.
Love this pix.
 Its really pretty and hard to get the full effect.
 Old Faithful.
It used to be every hour on the hour but now its
give or take ten minutes LOL.
Love to think its female.
This is not the blue moon.
I missed it.
However, this is the day after. 
I had to google the professionals - but there settings
didn't work for me - naturally because
my moon was orange
 and their wasn't.
It was beautiful - teasing as it came over the mountain and lake,
first as a glimmer of light, then as a sliver.
Then more and more it revealed itself until it became 98% full.
And less orange.
I liked the orange.


  1. Now THAT'S a traffic jam. LOL! I don't know how I'd feel about being up close like that on a motorcycle. Gorgeous photos, as always. So glad you're having a great time! :)

  2. Truly amazing! Looks like a wonderful trip! BL


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