Monday, July 27, 2015

Kooskia Fish Hatchery

Was very interesting and they are totally interested
in getting chinook salmon into the waters and keeping the species rockin'.
I love salmon - especially sushi salmon so I can get behind this.
They breed the salmon and send the eggs down to this
site to hatch. They then separate them by size
going through tubes and dump them into these tanks.
 Where they flow through these gadgets that clip their
tiny back fin and tag them electronically.
 They are then dumped into these huge holding tanks
and eventually thrown back in the wild where
its up to then to figure out how to circumnavigate the
big wide rivers and stay safe from roving birds of prey.
 Wider shot of the holding pens.
 It was all very interesting and they have a good 
return on salmon coming back to the fold.
Fisherman can only keep the salmon that have the tiny
fin cut and of course there's a size limit.
 If I got anything wrong - I apologize - and will correct the info.

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