Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Heading North

After Graceland we headed north.
We have a date with Glacier National Park and
we needed to get there by Wednesday.
And it was 1,500 miles away.
We are on are way - and on that route
was this amazing bridge into St. Louis.
And then there's the arch.
 How cool is that
We tried to get closer but it turned into Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
as there was an arch function and a ballgame
going on and the downtown is nothing to mess with in
a 25ft RV. The streets are just not built for it.
I'm glad I got a couple of drivebys.
 If you follow my blog on my travels you know I love
old structures. I adore old structures by
the roadside.
 It's always a crapshoot in getting them - 
there's speed swoosh - (a term from driver's ed) and
how many years that stayed with me
that we'll just mosey on by the math on that one.
 It also covers cool small towns that have
tried and somehow succeeded in keeping their downtown alive
AND kept the old buildings and their magnificence.

 As we rounded a corner, there was this stunning country
Lutheran Church. My roots.
 More structures.
 Don't they make you swoon?
Our new camper as we took time out to enjoy
the Minnesota River and a cup of coffee and a cookie.

A bakery peanut butter cookie.


  1. So many beautiful things to see! Love your photos, as always. :)

  2. fablous photos~love the pictures. have fun!

  3. can't wait to see the pages you create.. love the barn with silo picture my favorite

  4. Great pics and I am Marveling over how you find time and wifi good enough to load pics and blog. Hubs is driving so going to try to catch up on your posts. Sorry we missed you out west. We are in Minnesota now, headed back to Wisconsin (long story...blog later).


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