Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Mixed Media Journal

It is finally completed for our road trip.
I'm not sure I'm diggin' the cover - but this is going to be in an RV
for a couple of months - therefore its bound to get mussed up so
while its growing on me - if I don't like it when I return I'll do
something different - white paint covers alot of sins.

This was the original - and I just didn't like the way some of the flowers
turned out with the watercolors. Unlike the pages I didn't gesso it
and the colors soaked in - which was cool because it
looks rustic - except for the yellow that I tried to cover with a brown.
Inside there is a nice size envelope that I'll fill with
goodies - scissors, adhesives and maybe an alpha stamp set.
 I plan to fill the journal with ephemera from the trip
so I really don't need alot of embellishments.
Also, I think I filled the pages with enough embellies.
As  you will see.
 This is the page inside the journal cover.
I'll be on twitter - hashtag let's go (I'm thinking I need to add Murphy 
or you + me or something to specifically ID us in there)
Still pondering. 
What do you think?
This is the only page I used enamel paints on.
I decided I really was crazy about the texture and the it took
way too long to dry. 
So all the remaining pages have mists.
Lots of mist.
 And stamping.
I used alot of stamps that I had never ever used.
And die cuts.
 ooo oo another trick Dyan R. shared was to sop up the excess mist
with a tag - and don't they just add a little something-something.
 I used up alot of leftover embellishments.
I have a lot more to go.
 I also used some stuff that really is frivolous and fun.
 And this is the last page in the journal.
As the pages turned and got bulkier it was a bit harder to stamp
and some weren't sooooo great, but an art journal - 
I'm thinking perfection is overrated.
And the back of the journal.
My desk before.
My desk after.
With my new Studio Calico kit waiting in the wings.
 It was a lot of fun - and that journal had 100 pages in it.
All waiting.
It's enough room too if I can't put one day on one page.
I also have my favorite pens on order - Uni Jetstream 101's
in blue and black a multitude of them in boxes.
Blue is my favorite and I don't care what anyone says
it writes better than black - but black
is everyone's go to for journaling.
I'm thinking of going rogue and using blue.


  1. Wow, this is fabulous, Lynn! You totally rocked the stamping and mixed media. Have fun filling it up with memories galore. :)

  2. Looks amazing~ wish you were closer, I'm scared:)

  3. OMG!!!! I want to do one amber and I are going on a road trip and that would be fun to do


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