Sunday, August 3, 2014

Making a page with a 5x7 Photo collage

This is a great photo collage of the lil Miss
eating a donut.
And enjoying the donut.
Becoming one with the donut.
I love the everday moment.
And a sweet treat.
Its an instagram collage that I printed out on my canon printer as a 5x7.
I wanted all of the pictures in the collage to be seen and with
 a 4x6 you'd be getting eye strain.
There's doilies and a frame peeking from behind the photo
and I just started layering on the gesso and watercolors.
Then Kaiser Craft bits and pieces, that I gessoed over to tone down 
the black and beige. 
Broke out my lil girlie stamp and painted her up. 
Thanks to soaphouse mama I'm getting the hang of incorporating
those kind of stamps on my pages.
 I love all the layering and even managed
to work in the very girly ribbony crepe paper
that can be very trying with sticky fingers.
And doesn't the adorable bow in the corner make you swoon.


  1. this is gorgeous~love the drips and the flower cluster!!!

  2. I do love your mixed media. The photos are gorgeous.

  3. Look at you and your fab mixed media, Lynn! Love this!


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