Thursday, August 7, 2014

Mushy titles...

 I have never been one to do mushy titles except every now and then
and what I think is mushy may not be to someone else.
I have no idea except to say that I don't feel built that way.
I'm more of a show I care through humor type of gal.
Which is kind of silly really.
Because I LOVE mush. I really do. 
However, every now and then.......I get that bolt of lightening.
and Shazam.
A Mushy Title is perfect.  
Of course since I don't do much mushy I had to look it up in my title book.
Because my first instinct was August photobomb. LOL!!
However, the two, well okay three, of them together just melted my heart.
Some of this is the August Studio Calico kit and the
rest is Studio Calico either from other kits or Hobby Lobby with a
couple of die cuts and punches thrown in for fun.

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