Thursday, August 7, 2014

Covering up some mist....once again

I had a vision when I began this page.
And right now that vision is covered up under the title and embellishments.
Its barely peeking through and I find that I like
this turn of events better than the vision.
I wanted splatters about - which there are.
And then I wanted a splat.
Well I got my splat, however, since I have bad aim, it didn't quite
land where I wanted it to, AND, I picked a color 
that didn't quite work with what I had chosen.
(Have you noticed that I've been gasping alot?)
I think I stumbled into a brand....either how to NOT do a page, or
however to cover up mistakes as if they've never been made.
ummmm MURPHY'S LAW perhaps?
While roaming in Michael's I stumbled on that netting, which they
called "ribbon" and of course the brand name was ripped off.
I know you're shocked.
It totally covered the mist splat, which I also turned.
(It was supposed to be above the photo)
The embellishments are also doing their job by toning it down.
This is the August Studio Calico kit
(with a mix of previous kits).
It came yesterday.

1 comment:

  1. Oh come on ~ a bad splat, I don't believe it :):) You did a great job of saving the layout!!! Looks great:):)


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