Monday, August 25, 2014

A mis-spelled title or is it?

The photo is hysterical.
Makes me laugh out loud.
A play doh beard.
Very creative.
I got to use another little bow.
Don't they make you swoon?
And that wooden thingy that looks like a tree trunk.
Couldn't find a mushroom.
Let's address the title...I realized that after I stuck all the letters down.
And they weren't coming up.
 I didn't want them to come up actually because
I love the spelling.
Play on my last name.
Love it.

Cosmo Cricket and Studio Calico.


  1. Oh gosh. This photo totally makes me LOL. Adorable and I love how you scrapped it. The title is perfect!

  2. what a cute pic :) Glad you did a page on it!!! Very cute Lynn!!


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