Thursday, August 28, 2014

Our suite at the Westin, Riverfront

My DH travels alot and has signed up to earn points on airlines and hotels. Since he travels so much he earned enough points for us to not only stay in this swanky hotel, he is a preferred members so we have this lovely suite FREE for 5 days, paying only for 1 day. Earning points is really worth it. We also do points for airlines - and that allowed us to fly both ways first class.
My advice - sign up!!!
 This is what you see when you walk in. Stunning.

And a dining room, living room combo...with a balcony.

The bedroom has a little office to it.

And the bathroom is more of a spa.

The bedroom also has a balcony, and the windows will make you swoon. They are huge and the views amazing.

And a fireplace that makes it all cozy and warm. 6 days of this amazing vacation. 
And to top it off - we're going to Red Rock to see my man Joe Bonnamassa - the best blues man EVER. and I can't wait. We also did a preview of Red Rock - haven't processed the photos.
Of course it rained. LOL.

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  1. Oh I think you are in heaven! My hub and I used to travel all the time for work, so we got spoiled by points on airlines and hotels. We don't travel for work anymore, just fun, but we use hotel credit cards to pay for everything so we always have points to stay for free on our motorcycle trips. We shall see how this plays out if we do the RV thing one day, but for now, it is perfect!


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