Thursday, July 31, 2014

Having fun with old, long unused die cuts

I loved the photo on this page, however, for some reason, Mr. Mojo packed his bags and headed out. I became frustrated and decided to call it day. Sometimes its good to just walk away.

As I was pondering lack of things, as my frustration came mostly from what I could do to embellish this page.

And shazam! I have all these diecuts that somewhere along the line I became to lazy to use. So I dug those bad boys out and tried to figure out what I could use to layer.

And for the most part I love the layering and the dies that I used the same configuration basically on all the embellishments.

I broke out my Quickutz squeeze and perused the fat book loaded with 2x2 dies and picked out a nested heart, jacks, xo, a do-dad and chili pepper.

And found several bits of papers and whacked away. The base of the embellies I used round punch.
AND wa-la!
 It was fun and all the dies while look odd at first add to it.
 Of course the hearts
and XO mean love - for the kidlets and Phillies.
The jack is cool and can be used
as jacks or cross stitches, and the do-dads are the white taps on top of the circles.
Sadly the chili pepper didn't make the cut. So to speak.
My pal Holli came up with the title.
And doesn't it annoy me that I didn't think of it.

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  1. see it look amazing:):) so glad you got it together:):):)


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