Saturday, August 23, 2014

Crossfit - After the boot

Sporting my Keith Richards look I was all set to jump back in. However, jumping, squatting and running were taken off the list for 2 weeks. I also have to admit I was a bit  okay alot timid after the boot came off. I was afraid that any sudden move would break the stupid thing and I'd have to start all over again. I found that bones are stronger than my sudden moves.
SO no practicing squats like this one, casually done by one of the grands, and one that could only happen in my wildest dreams, I decided to not focus on what I couldn't do, but what I could.

Therefore, with the exuberance of a 3 year old who knows she's a super hero, I couldn't wait to go to OPEN GYM. woooooo weeeeeeeee! 
Open gym awesome moments.
  • Its where the cool kids hang.
  • Its also those same cool kids, who are sporting the most improvements, are the ones working after to class to master them. (I am seriously amazed at their energy & fortitude).
  • The cool kids also make up WODs they missed.
  • Cool kids are totally inspiring and I'm proud they let me hang with them.
  • During open gym means you do your own thing. 
  • It can also be chit chat time. That's fun too - getting to know everyone while breathing normal.
  • I wanna be a cool kid.
I also found:
  • that I set up my own WODs and so as not look wimpy I did everything that had nothing to do with running, jumping or squatting
  • timed WODs didn't happen - mostly because I forgot to set my phone.
  • and while I hung in there for 2 weeks, it just wasn't as fun as doing a class.There's alot to be said for having others around suffering the same fate as you.
It's lonely on your own.
After 8 weeks of no crossfitting, I was shocked at how much I had lost.
I forgot the warmup routine. 
How wrong is that.
And then once I did remember I had to omit a few things.
I couldn't do a sit up. They were totally pathetic.
Ring rows. So not pretty.
There was a aerodyne bike and after 3 minutes of riding
I sounded like an obscene phone call.
And I tossed wallballs while sitting on the floor.
 I have to admit the wallballs from the floor were kinda fun.
Shhh!!! Our little secret.

Threw some barbells around and found my arms were in quite the wimpy state 
I'm talking 10 lbs were doing me in and 
modified pushups made me feel like a humped back whale. 

All very disconcerting and discouraging however, I persevered.
And steadily improved each day.

Also true I found - Routine is the enemy.
I found myself doing a lot of the same things everyday mostly because I'm 
not that creative in thinking outside the box. (crossfit joke).
And it was boring.

I did become braver going into the 2nd week, once I found that my foot could take it.
I added modified rope climps, leg lifts, and tricep work, along with some strict presses.
I'm glad I worked it this way, boredom and all, because my foot had extra time to get stronger.
And I became stronger faster than I thought. 
None of the above sucked wind after those 2 weeks.
 Although I was still somewhat pampering the ole piglet.

I was so glad to get back to the classes.
Having others around can really affect your WODs.
There's nothing better than rockin' a WOD with others.


  1. Go Lynn Go! Glad you're back at it!
    PS: The Keith Richards look is quite becoming to you

  2. Lynn, you absolutely ARE one of the cool kids. Great job focusing on what you CAN do, and doing it more every day! Congrats!


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