Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Long Key State Park Camping

Trees close to the campsite were attractive to birds and me alike.
 Evidently there were lots of goodies there for them to eat.
I decided that it was all theirs.
 I love how the lighting changed during the day.
These guys were total posers.
Cruising through the waters hunting for unsuspecting fish.
Or bugs.
 And the little tree I couldn't help but take 93841349871049810 pictures of.
 Because it was cool.
And of course the prerequisite sunset photo.
That turned out lovely.
 And more birds. Birds are cool. And freaky.
As we were breaking camp a photographer plodded through
the water with his tripod and camera
right up to the little tree I was so fascinated with
planted his tripod in the water in front of said little tree,
and commenced to taking pictures.
And he was there when we completed the dumping procedure
and showers,
still photographing the little tree.
Proving to my DH that I have an eye for these things.
like totally.

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  1. I love this, Lynn! Beautiful pictures and it looks like a lovely peaceful place!


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