Friday, August 29, 2014

Conquering the gondolas at Vail Mountain

As you may or may not know.
 Yet here I am on a gondola heading up Vail Mountain.
Looking down - thankfully, its not a glass bottom gondola.
 The views are gorgeous and as long as I don't look down things are good.
 Not even half way yet.
It rises and dips.
And its really really fast.
Fast is good.
 Vintage gondola - and there is no way. Nuh uh.
 And there are crazy people that go higher only to come back down.
On skis.
 Of course it was sunny on the way up.
 Dramatic skies on the way down.
After lunch of BBQ - pulled park at Sarge's that was amazing.
With the price of the ride, you can pay an additional $6 per person for lunch discount.
Worth it.
 Mountains everywhere you look. And of course the dramatic skies were moving in.
 What goes up. Must Come down.
 And the mountains are just are pretty going down.
 And here's the town of Vail.
More or less.
It involved looking way down.
 A beautiful sculpture to honor Alpine skiers past, present and future.
It's called THE EDGE.
Very cool name and very cool piece.
And there's where its happening for the ride.
Actually the ride wasn't bad.
(And It wasn't my first rodeo - I conquered Cannon Mtn in NH).
Tom and I were alone in the gondola which can seat 10.
I'm not sure about the count, but if they say.
As long as I kept looking at the horizon or looked up.
Things were good.
The altitude is killer. 
Vail is 8150 ft.
Not bad for a couple of flatlanders from subtropical Florida.
If you're really ambitious you can hike or bike up the mountain.
My ambition was to get up the mountain on 
the gondola without wigging out. 
Everyone has their mission.

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  1. Ha, congrats! Conquer that fear! I am a sickie, I love heights. Just don't make me jump off, ala bungee or anything...


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