Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia

 Was such a disappointment. I expected to be taking a lot of pictures. I expected a lot more picturesque moments. There was like 10% photo op, 90 % driving with lots of pine trees with an amazing amount of ESS and hairpin turns. We spent a lot of time on the trail pushing ourselves to meet schedules when in fact, we should’ve turned back after the first 5 turnouts. 

It wasn’t that it wasn’t pretty, it was the fact that it wasn’t things we haven’t seen before in America. We expected to see different. 

On the lighter side, we discovered Tim Horton’s which is the Starbucks of our pal Canada. Their coffee is wonderful, their veggie soup is totally hearty and their ginger molasses cookies are to die for. OMG. They had one left on one of our stops and I wasn’t happy that I had to split said cookie - even if it was with my most awesome DH. After that split I found a TH that had a dozen of them - hard to find - and bought them, they’ve been a wonderful pickmeup during our drive.

We even went on down to Dingwall to see the St. Paul’s lighthouse that they had been advertising for miles. When we drove on into Dingwall it became obvious when we came upon the museum and the lighthouse and said lighthouse was moved from somewhere else. AND truly it was not a lighthouse but the top of one. I totally felt duped.

So we flew through the trail in order to get to the ferry in Caribou so we could get to Prince Edward Island in the hopes of seeing something different.

We made it on the ferry just fine. Its so weird driving the rig on there and park next to a semi. We went topside and I almost wet my pants when the horn blew signaling we were leaving the dock. 

 So I ended up running back and forth from port to starboard (a little nautical lingo there); the marina on the port side with working boats coming and going, and a lighthouse on the starboard side that also had working boats bobbing up and down. (bobbing - another nautical term LOL). And I chose the photo without bobbing boats.

I did eventually go in the “cabin” to warm up and get ready for round two when DH said the sun will be setting. 


As in 10 minutes. Soon.

 Back out I went to get it.

So while one the port side doing a sunset, there was ANOTHER lighthouse on the starboard side getting the glow of the sunset. Knocked a few people over running back and forth.

 We are now relaxing at a KOA that my DH driving hubby totally needs. There is great wifi - which is great for you in getting updates.  

Not forgotten!


  1. These photos are truly beautiful, Lynn!

  2. the ride looks amazing~did you find any sea shells:):) love sea shells!!!

  3. Sorry the trail was a disappointment, but you sure got amazing photos!


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