Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Close quarters living

When we thought about purchasing our RV we had several ideas in mind that were basically non-negotiable. 

It had to be affordable on gas. 
If you can’t afford to drive it around - then what’s the point. Ours get anywhere from 15-19 mpg. depending on driving conditions of course.

It had to be easy to drive. 
Ours drives like an SUV, with additional trunk space.
It would not be a 5th wheel or towed camper. 
We wanted to be able to grab things without having to stop and get out. We also didn’t want to purchase another vehicle for towing.

It had to be a vehicle that was easy to get into and out of tight spots and places. Some of the national/state parks roads that were built in the 1920’s and 30’s cannot handle the big rigs.

We actually purchased the perfect vehicle for us.

As you know we are subtropical flat landers and climate dictates RV use. We live in Florida where the weather doesn’t get too out of control. Since we purchased our vehicle we have taken it into northern territory where the weather turns cold(er) than the 10 day weather forecast - well forecasted. That means there is not a lot of outside time, i.e, sitting in our recliners-relaxing. 

And shockingly, being inside longer than we anticipated once we parked for the night actually worked out fine. As you can see we have the chairs in the pilot area, that turn and a “couch” that turns into a bed. There’s also a removal table that stores under the back bunk that we have used to dine on.

We basically learned to dance about each other.

We learned to switch places to sit every now and then to stay comfortable.
We (or dh has) learned to prepare everything used in cooking his dishes first. Then cook.
We (or I have) learned that washing dishes outside is a lot easier than inside, however, when it needs to be done inside, rearranging a few things and utilizing the floor for dirty dishes helps.
We learned that only one person can be in the “kitchen area” at a time. 
We learned that needing to get from one end to the other, one of us needs to sit or stand to the side.
We learned that only one person can shower at a time.

The big learn - was that everything has a place and needs to be put back in it when done.

We are still in the process of rearranging things as we go. 
What needs to be easily accessible.
What can be layered and packed - and eliminate banging and clanging when driving down the road.
What is not working that can be chucked.

We found that while driving down the road:
it was good to have a garbage bag hanging off the driver’s seat chair arm. 
it was good to have water in a thermal bag seat belted on the sofa where I can reach across and grab a new one.
it was good to have a ceramic coffee cup with a lid (Starbucks white Christmas mug)
it was good to have no slip under the coffee maker.
it was good to make sure all doors and drawers are closed tight before taking off.
it was very good to have my camera close at hand.

We now do all those things and more without thinking about it.

When we stop for the night we both have chores. Tom does all the hookups outside; water, sewer, cable (if available) electric. I do all the inside stuff. Closing the shades, swinging the chairs around, moving the backpacks from the back to the front behind the seats, turn on the hot water, air/heat, turning on the TV and scan for available channels if applicable.

Sleeping quarters also have a TV and both can be watched on different channels without too much confusion. We kept the beds as “twin” bunks so to speak - as its easier to move about without disturbing the other.

This RV has turned out to be everything I/we wanted it to be and more. It’s perfect for the traveling we do as we are basically drive-by campers. We stay for a night (maybe two) then we are off to see more sights. We cooked more on this trip and it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be; either cooking nor the clean up. It was great to pull off somewhere and rest or grab a snack or coffee. 

The perfect part was that at the end of a traveling day - we had our own space. We didn’t have to toss luggage about; unpack and pack. We could just turn the chairs around, sit down with a drink, and ponder what was next.

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  1. I'm so glad this RV is working out for you guys! Thanks for the tour. :)


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