Friday, September 27, 2013

All dressed up

Almost back to the land of the living. Not hacking up a lung everytime I cough - progress! Staying in an upright position longer and doing little things.

I was in a giddy mood one day and decided that I needed to play with my watercolors. I saw someone - somewhere  just doing some swirls and sworls and wa-la a flower.  So I gave it awhirl.

Well...I wasn't impressed that day so I put it aside and happened upon it again and suddenly it didn't look so bad. And I decided it wouldn't hurt to run my new rolling stamp from SC over it in various directions and there it was looking even more better.

I remembered the paper that sort of was the inspiration for it and had a bit left over. Studio Calico stuff adorns the rest of it - except for the die cut flower- Tim Holtz, a bit o'prima bling.

The fun part about this photo is you can tell that we are dressed up; me more than the brother which is often the case. I am wearing a dress, carrying a clutch and I have stockings on and a garter - only thing in hosiery wear back then.

And we are visiting Sunken Gardens in Florida, in April. Its botanical gardens outdoors and I'm dressed up like I'm visiting royalty. That's how it was done back then. It was considered an event. Can you imagine? I had to be totally uncomfortable. But I was looking good. LOL!!!

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