Saturday, September 7, 2013

St. John's Ferry to Digby Nova Scota

Made it to St. John’s just about supper time and neither of us was hungry or wanted to go anywhere to eat. We needed to be at the ferry at 11 a.m. the next and I know Tom was wiped from driving. Hunkering down with a granny smith apple and crunchy peanut butter did the trick with some wine. Getting used to carrying my stuff around in a plastic bag through lovely hotel lobbies. Suitcases and RV’s not a good mix.

Got up in time for breakfast and also walked to the bank to get some Canadian currency. It appears to spend like ours so no convertin’ needs to go on, which is good because me and math - not so good. They don’t use pennies or dollar bills either so the change can get a bit on the weighty. And then there are those kilometers. Snort. The van doesn’t have them on the speedometer so we’re trying to use an app to tell us how fast is 100 Km. - would be 52 mph. They don’t go by 5 times table and its not really an exact science - just a lot of guessing on our part as the GPS sometimes converts and sometimes it don’t.  And using Km instead of miles to somewhere is fun. NOT.

Driving the van on the ferry was odd and parking it next to a few semis odder still. Those ferries hold a lot and we were not the only RV on the boat. You can’t remain in your vehicle therefore gathering everything you think you may need.

And of course the weather changed and it got cold - but I was ready this time. I overpacked in the winter department and I’m glad I did. Dressed a tad warmly I roamed around the ferry and took some photos of course. Was hoping to get in on some whales but they weren’t cooperating. Spent most of the time indoors. It was a cold and windy ride.

We disembarked 3 hours later in Digby NS and headed to Camp Haven. We did a few scenic things and grocery shopped. I KNOW. How mundane on vacation but it was worth it as Tom made the most delicious halibut and steaks. Groceries appear to be kind of the same except meat isn’t sold as tenderloin, new york, cubed, etc. its sold up here as grilling steak and stew meat. Everything else appears to be the same. We hunkered down for the evening and I read a book as the wifi sucked and was driving me crazy.

I did however, stroll down to the lake - taking the wrong fork in the road to get a lovely sunset photo. Several actually, but the sun was behind the trees and I caught the glow.


  1. I love traveling along with you! Your photos are beautiful.

  2. Beautiful photo's Lynn. I'm jealous you are out East, it's on my wish list to go there :)

  3. What an adventure! I'm glad you're having fun. :)


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