Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Asbury Park

It was a dark and stormy day when we went
out for a ride. We traveled on down to Ocean Beach
to see what's what after Sandy hit.
Sadly there is a lot to be done.
and no pix because its really a lot of sand.
 So we passed through Asbury Park which is being
revitalized. This is a photo of the carousel 
that is still a mess.
 I'm a Springsteen fan and he played a lot at the Stone Pony.
Its an icon.
Springsteen wasn't there.
 Many buildings on the boardwalk, 
a casino that is in bad shape.
 A hotel and very very cool architecture.
Even with the gloom it was still an enjoyable day.


  1. Love the aged feel you gave to the photo's, really captures what you felt that day.

  2. you go the coolest places~did you find any sea shells? Love the beach but we no longer live by one:):)


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