Sunday, September 8, 2013

Looking for lighthouses on the coast of Nova Scotia

Got a late start and then a really late start when Tom decided he needed a smart card reader to update the GPS map. So we lurked in Staples parking lot for HOURS while he tried to get it to go. 

No.go. on the map update.

Now we are really late for the lighthouse loop and of course we had had to skip some lighthouses, sadly. However, we did go down by the waterfront in Yarmouth were all the working boats live. I love working boats. They make me swoon - all the character they have whether they are shrimpers, tugs, lobster, fishing boats they just have that something something that makes you want to photograph them. 

I have a lot. 
And I know that totally surprises you.

On the way by, we did get to see Yarmouth lighthouse from a distance which is cool.

We also checked out a channel marker that pretended to be a lighthouse. Also cool.

We then stumbled upon this gem - the Pubnico lighthouse, oddly surrounded by a windfarm.
There of course was the prerequisite work boats docked at a marina that we blew by, however....

One of those workboats sailed right into my viewfinder.
Does that rock or what.
Actually we skipped a lot of lighthouses because:

 A. we got a really late start and wanted to be in Peggy's Cove and that was a long drive and 

 B. because we were starving and stopped at a little restaurant that boasted of homemade soups and chowders. Of course they’re on island time too so it took another couple whiles. The food was delicious I had lobster poutine; lobster in a cream sauce over french fries. I KNOW... Of course they use real cream and butter. It was different and it actually worked with the fries. They put gravy on their fries up here. Can’t get used to that. Ever. I'm a catsup and salt kinda gal.

Now we had a lot of miles to cover and I was not amused but going into the towns and lighthouses on the loops were a lot of twists and turns and low kilometers and not all had lighthouses. And then there are lighthouses and LIGHTHOUSES. We were seeing more lighthouses.

Peggy’s cove is on the list as one of the most photographed LIGHTHOUSES in Canada and of course I want to jump on that bandwagon, however as I type this we’re relaxing in the RV at the campsite and NOT at Peggy’s Cove because its dark. Sigh. Dinner is going to be smorgasbord tonight. BIG lunch. 

Peggy’s Cove will actually be tomorrow.  

This last photo is on here because I think its cool and relaxing. We camped again and Tom cooked dinner again. YEAH I KNOW. A total keeper.


  1. Sorry you were delayed, kind of a bummer! My mom and daughter would have epbeen in heaven on this leg of your trip!
    More wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Awesome photos, Lynn. I love lighthouses.

  3. wow you are really having a great trip and seeing beautiful places.


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