Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Up Bear Creek

Still on the road....hope to be home tomorrow....In full disclosure, we did pass by Bear Creek on our way to Canada...or coming back. Not sure which but it matters not.

Bear Creek is in PA and thankfully that tidbit of information was written on the back of the photo as well as a date. Swoon.

Thanks mom!

Not only was this page made with scraps but some really really old Basic Grey. You can't ever go wrong with BG.


Also, another page built without a photo and there were 2 contenders - both heritage, and this one was chosen because it had information on the back and I liked it. Although someone did crop it. Not sure why because it looks like a really cool background or maybe the focus was to be on me and my brother.

I don't remember anything about this except my parents took us out to do things a lot. I find it fascinating that we are perched on rocks in the middle of a river/creek. I'm sure there was adult supervision but we weren't being hovered over. It looks we have sticks in our hands but not sure. Could be fishing poles - we did that a lot too.

Love that I have this documented even though I don't remember this specifically, it does give a warm fuzzy for other memories our parents did with us.

Slaying scraps one page at a time.

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