Thursday, September 12, 2013

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

 We got up and it was a totally lazy morning. DH and I just putzed around admiring the scenery and relaxing. It felt good. Later in the afternoon we ventured out to the wharf and scarfed down chowdah, lobstah, and mussels, OH MY!! Very de-lish and filling.

We then set off to see not one but three lighthouses. 

DUPED again

There was a walkabout to see different sites, nothing at site #1.  Except some blackeyed suzies. I love blackeyed suzies. Shocking.

So we motored to site #2 because it was drizzly and cold. I walked up to the site that was honoring the first Acadians and to the left way across a non-level field I could see the top of the lighthouse and no way to get there.

Thinking it was another road, we hustled on down and found that you couldn’t access the lighthouse from a road. There was a trail around it - but not a start walking here sign. Nothing on the map indicated any of these things. Sigh. 

So yes, we gave up the hunt and headed back to the campsite to continue relaxing.

Tom wanted to get an early start as we’re going back through Maine to get to the lower 48 and home. Visiting an old pal of Tom’s and hopefully get to NH but there are some sickies there and we don’t wanna catch it - so alternative plans need to be made. 

On the way up, due to road construction we had a blowout, fortunately it was the inside tire on the duelly, and we about 2 miles from the exit. At the exit things looked mighty dim until we looked to the right and shazam! a used car place - with really nice cars and a service dept. with a young kid strong enough to change the tire. What a blessing that was really. So we continued on and made it to Richie and Gail’s.

What a sweet couple. We had dinner and gail and I chatted like we had been friends forever. She reminds me of someone else I know but I can’t put my finger on who at this time. 

Well the tire tread must’ve hit the propane line because we smelled proprane and had to turn it off and air out the van, so not amused. So now we can’t use our burners for cooking but we do have the new induction heating plate - we just need to buy the correct pans for it. 

Moving right along. 

Getting tire fixed today and replacing the spare. So we’re in a holding pattern at the tire place - also very nice, helpful people. Thank goodness for wifi. We had to return to the tire place after zipping on down the road as the balance just wasn't right. After a bit of a wait we took off again and its still not right but doable. When we stop again for the night we'll probably address it again in the morning. Haven’t taken a lot of photos  as we were zipping from pillar to post and not a lot of scenes. 


  1. Bummer about the supposed lighthouses and your tire. (I'm glad no one was hurt...).

  2. Ugh, about your tire!!!!! Love the pictures you have been taking. Always something cool to shoot!!!

  3. Bummer about the tire, Lynn, but I'm glad you found helpful people to fix it up. This has become quite the adventure! :)


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