Sunday, September 29, 2013

3 weeks - (a tutorial sortof)

That was inspired by Wilna - over at 2 peas who does videos for In the mood.
She uses a mood board. I didn't do that.
What I did do was watch this video.
And she poured out some gesso and rolled it around on the paper 
with a rolling stamp.
It didn't look like this.
 However, once I started putting some papers and layers
it wasn't looking so bad. And I managed to smear
enough around to where you could even see it
once the papers were on.
 So again, set this up with no photos in mind.
 Do you remember Pages by Design? It came out
a number of years ago and has every single size
template in every shape you can think of.
And you design a page using the templates.
 I kinda like it for getting an idea of something different 
to do or try without actually comitting to the shape
until I want to.
It's also good to use the photo sizes for getting an idea of what size
will fit where and how many - in case you get carried away.
 Some of the templates are missing- hence the pieces of paper
and they do work nicely too. So if you don't have templates
cut paper shapes and note the size on them.
And there you have it! 
I'm a bit concerned about the "trapped" space on
the tag - it could just be me so let me know your thoughts.
But overall I'm seriously pleased with the page.
It was an easy one to put together and picked up some
of the journaling from my blog post here.
I cannot tell you how many blog posts ended up as a scrapbook
page and it made the entire process so easy- 
especially the journaling since it was already done.

Here's a challenge: scrap a blog post and try using templates in
putting your page together!


  1. That page by design is kinda cool and I'm LOVING all those great layers you have happening here! Great page!

  2. Lots of great layering on here, Lynn. I love what you did with the tag.

  3. looks pretty good for not knowing what to do:):):)

  4. heyyyyy I like this. Especially the "and then rolled did not look like this" because that totally sounds familiar


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