Monday, September 16, 2013

Detour on the ride home....

 Changed directions and headed toward New Orleans as DH has business to conduct and it would've been dumb for him to drive home and then turn around and travel again when we were already on the road.

 Found some trees turning in one of the upper states.

Also love the buildings along side of the road - mostly in Virginia.
I really loved the sky on this one - it was way more dramatic than I captured.

Got it on this one.

We settled in and zipped on down to Felix Oyster Bar and ate our fill.

 I love oysters.

They're your friend - you can eat tons without breaking the calorie bank.

Got some chores I NEED to get done before I head out and get a do-over with my new camera.


  1. wish I was eatin' with you , sounds good!!! Have loved the journey photos!!!

  2. Beautiful photos. I've loved seeing them. :) I'm going to skip the oysters though. LOL!


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