Monday, September 9, 2013

Peggy's Cove - finally!

 Woke up late about 9 a.m. - late again but not so bad. Reving up really fast because Peggy’s Cove is on the list. 


That was an easy, picturesque drive. 

Made Tom stop a couple of times and one turnaround. 

It just couldn’t be helped.

 One of those beautiful coves that had all the rustic gorgeousness could hold. And to my delight the photos came out just fine. 

And then we turned the corner.

 And shazam! a LIGHTHOUSE. So its the most photographed lighthouse in Canada. I can be a copycat. Of course its all cloudy and dramatic - well yeah! its that or dark and gloomy. 

Cloudy and dramatic sounds so much better. 

So breaking a rule that was in my mind only- try not to take a million photos of an inanimate object. WORK your camera and get a couple of great ones.

It couldn’t be helped.
First you have to deal with the ebb and flow of people climbing over the rocks to be near it. Then there are people who of course stand fixated and commence to taking a lot of photos. And who could blame them. But they NOW. Sadly the weather never changed. 

And they did. Who knew the power of the mind.
I managed to get quite a few shots without people in my way. Gotta love that. They of course have an adorable gift shop and a cafe where we had breakfast. It was very good. Fortified, I went out to get some more photos and chat with a few of the people. So much fun.

 And then we had to head on down the road. We needed to get a campsite and Tom wanted lobster and we also want to tour Cape Breton - a national park and then head on over to Prince Edward Island. Another ferry. whoa. Maybe a whale will show up this time.


  1. I want to go to Maine! Peggy's Cove is beautiful!

  2. Such beautiful photos, Lynn. Makes me feel like I'm there. Have you overdosed on lobstah yet? LOL!

  3. i agree, glad you made him stop ~ awesome pictures and awesome view!!


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