Thursday, September 5, 2013

We made it to Maine and Bar Harbor

You come around the corner and there's 
this bridge.
So amazing. And HIGH.
Of course we went over it.
 I really wanted to go to Bar Harbor
because I've heard rumors.
And most are true.
 It's very touristy and it surprised me.
Why I don't know 
but I was expecting more Dutch Harbor.
 The harbor is not a friend for Rv's even one our size.
So we cruised through and I managed some driveby photos.
 And we went down Route 1 again to the Chart Room
and had a delicious lunch.
They had a cool vista - even in low tide.
I'm talking really LOW tide.
 We had lobster roll.
 Actually I had the lobster roll salad
sans the roll.
and it was delicious..
 We then motored on to the Acadia National Park
and cruised on up to Cadillac Mountain.
And I want to embrace my Billy Joel - cadillac yak yak yak..
 Beautiful views all the way around.
 Finally the skies cleared and it was totally shades of Yellowstone.
The 10 day forecast of course was wrong.
 And it was totally jeans and a tee day.
We of course were dressed in shorts and a tank.
With sandals.
We crossed the border and made it to Canada.
St. Johns were we'll be taking the ferry to Nova Scotia.
Can't wait. However, again the weather changed.
Its going to be in the 60's rather than upper 70's.
But HA!!!
I'm ready - packed more Florida winter clothes.
Now I have an excuse to buy more clothes.
My bad.


  1. Love traveling with you via your awesome photos, Lynn!

  2. LOVE Maine, I love your pictures. It's wonderful being the back seat driver with you. Have fun.


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