Thursday, July 11, 2013

Take that!

This page took a different turn and I know that surprises you.

If you look at the strip between the photos - that is the B side of the papers from Simple Stories.

I had 2 other photos picked out but couldn't bring myself to completely blow off the A side of the paper that is about travel. And I really didn't want to whack it down as I had 2 4x6 pix originally.

Back to the drawing board as I contemplated changes.

While I was thinking about alternative photos I started playing around. I smooshed gesso about in order to tone down some of the busy-ness. I also grabbed these arrow masks that came in one of my Studio Calico kits that I hadn't been able to muss up yet.

You see that just barely smudge of brown to the left of the top photo?

 Yeah. That's how well it worked out. I used a sea sponge and dabbed brown paint over the arrows and it just didn't come out quite right and because I didn't spot them on the page right it became a total win when it turned into a brown blob. I even daubed white paint on it and some mist. And it still looked like a brown blob with white splatters and mist (no sign of the arrows at all).

I know you're interested in the story behind the photos and title as I've tunrned into quite the little rebel while flying. The whole lets turn all electronic things off during take off and landing is quite annoying - especially my kindle. During those 2 maneuvers is when you need the distractions the most. So my iphone, in airplane mode, happened to be within reached as we cruised over the City of Brotherly love, and it was semi-clear for Philly. Not only that - there was another plane mirroring us out my window (where the photo slide is on the page).

When the electronic cops were not watching, I whipped out my iphone and snapped some quick pix. And wasn't I happy with the results. Bwahahahaha. So those renegade photos are perfect for the papers. The rejected photos will be used in a page today hopefully.

And I didn't get caught (this time) soooooo TAKE THAT!

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  1. I can never decide which I like more...your stories behind your pages or the pages themselves. I'll just go with both. :) Fab photos. Fab page. Love how you used the frame on the photo.


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