Sunday, July 14, 2013


Ocean Beach 3 - New Jersey. 

Down at the shore.
And this time I'm in the photo.

Woo hoo.

Or not.

I never like myself in pix however, ducking behind a cute grandkid is always a winning pose. I was really pleased despite my non-love of being in a picture to be in a picture with the grands as well as Tom. I'm also glad to document this story because hanging out down at the shore has become important for us to do. Because of work, distance and life's busy-ness its hard to connect on a daily basis, so traveling up on a semi-regular basis allows us to a "routine" with family members.

So here we are in front of Kathy and Allen's little beach house that has to be gutted, raised and re-done thanks to superstorm Sandy which devastated the area. For the past several years, we have headed to OB-3 to celebrate Labor Day with the Murphy's. You can't ever go wrong celebrating anything with the Murphy's or hanging at the shore. It was a fun time to get together and see everyone.

Which means this year is going to be different. No hanging at the shore because 2 out of the 3 family-owned beach houses are still being fixed as well as other rental beach houses that didn't fair well through the storm and that means we need a Plan B.

Working on it.

Most of the stuffs used on the page is Studio Calico from last month and this month. Its sort of the same design as the Take That! page. I can live with that. I also like that I didn't use beachy themed paper but it still has a feeling of that casual-ness.

SO the Double Dawg Dare is to make a page with photos that have a theme without using themed papes and embellies.

Glad I could clear all that up.


  1. I think you won that challenge~super cute {grands too} LOVE how you draped the twine at the bottom awesome look!!!

  2. Love this page, Lynn! Hope you come up with a Plan B for your vacation plans.


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