Monday, July 22, 2013

Swimies - no more...

Yah!! What a milestone and I wish I could say the same. Sadly, I continue to cling to my noodle and WOE to anyone who tries to take it from me.

I will turn on said person like a rabid dawg. Especially if I'm in the water. And I don't share. EVER.

But I digress...It's a milestone for any 5 year old to swim with the fishies. He looks so serious. It must be the goggles. Goggles can change an attitude in a split second.

So I found some really old Cosmo Cricket and I'm glad - because I love Cosmo Cricket and its perfect for this page. You'll notice that once again I took liberty with the spelling because I could and it was a space thing. AND those alphas are old Basic Grey stash. Woo hoo!!!

And because I was in a giddy mood - the sun gots googly eyes. googly - woogly
(And that little nick-name came from what movie). 


  1. Yes, I love the bridge.
    YES - I love the layout - and I appreciate your liberties with spelling...well, almost ;)

    The cricket was the best idea!! (and I applaud the non-use of swimming aids!) Though I have recently adapted myself to the usage of noodles to float about in the water. I don't share either.

  2. adorable~at least you get in the water, I won't even do that. Super cute kidlet!! All your kids are cute!!!

  3. Love the new header, love the new layout, love the googly eyes on the sun. :) I loved this Cosmo collection. Used every bit of it.


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