Friday, July 5, 2013

Snot Me!

Hilarious photo!

Revenge by the little miss on being banned from the kitchen and other fun things.

Love pix like this.

She'll hate when she's older. And won't that be fun....

Some creative imagination (I think), basic grey, 7 gypsies and thickers.

Had a lovely 4th despite the rains that blew in an out. Friends piled in bringing FOOD. Lots of  FOOD. In fact there was so much food, we're partying again tonight so we can attempt to finish up the FOOD. Come on down and join us. We have tons leftover. The fireworks were not detered my any ole storm and were absolutely amazing. I love fireworks now - hated them when I was a kid. Imagine that.


  1. Lol! Always love your play on titles, great layout!

  2. LOL!!!! LOVE the title!!!Perfect!!!

  3. Love your clever title, Lynn. LOL! Great page! I hope you had a great 4th (and you've made a dent in all of the food). :)


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