Saturday, July 20, 2013

I'll chase a butterfly anywhere...

And this guy has been teasing me forever.
We have a flower box in the backyard and firecracker
flowers and/or flora attract Zebra longwing.
(Yeah I looked it up - bing is a wonderful thing).
 There were several pairs flitting about - but by the time 
I changed lenses (I need to learn to be faster)
to my canon 70-300
he was the only left and he was very twitchy.
 He didn't light and land for long and made it tough
to focus on. I've been having trouble with focus
but I can't decide if its the camera or I need new glasses.
Probably the latter.
My favorite eldest follows a photographer Fro Knows and
sent me 2 of his videos. I watched the first one
and it goes through the basics of the camera and getting
off auto and on manual which I have been
doing for awhile but there's alot to know and I
forget something each time. 
SO practice practice practice is the word of the day.
Couldn't resist practicing with the butterfly.
I started with basic settings for gloomy, cloudy and dark but
before I could change any of them to make it
better (because eldest son said it looked to grainy and my ISO
was too high). And that was the whole point because of the weather to 
start there and then play around. 
Butterfly is a fickle critter and I didn't get to play.
However it was a good starting point.
If they're out today I shall commence to stalking again.

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  1. I love camera play time!!! Love the butterfly too. There were a couple of monarch-looking butterflies around here yesterday. In NO WAY was I ready to try and capture them on cam (being that the cam was all bagged up). So, once again, I'm jealous LOL


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