Monday, July 29, 2013

Nana's yard...

I found the paper I wanted to use but I had to show you the "B" side. 
Its very colorful and has some glitter going on and when I turned it over the "A" side totally blew me away. How completely different they are to be on the same page. 
So to speak.
Can we say STASH!!!
Its seriously cool paper that doesn't get any better than that really.
 Especially for a heritage page.
I couldn't make paper as neat as this. 
You can't see it in the light but there is purple going on in there. Hence, the purple accents. 
I found this photo in the wayback box of course and its meeeeee!!! 
Maybe at eighteen months old since the date indicates my brother's birth month and year. 
I had to figure out who was playing ball with me and I at first thought it was my Uncle Dave - my dad's youngest brother, but he is only 7 years older than me and this young boy looked a bit older/bigger. 
So I opened the ole family tree and found my Uncle Jack was about 10 years older than me. 
Bingo. Went with Uncle Jack. 
I'm kinda bummed the title is hard to find in the photo but it looks good in real life.
I broke out the die cut machine and made the title with QK spicy chicken.
Love that font and used the gray because it worked well with the page.
Should've used a bit darker gray for photographing. LOL.
I found a bill of lading I purchased during a "junking foray".
Love using stuff like that. Its the PA railroad and Edison Light Company.
I then broke out my new smoochies that are in the nail polish bottle and painted
some plain textured butterflies (from April) purple and used some
gray paint to outline them. 
I also happend to have some BG ledger paper, doodle bug and the washi is perfect.
Got carried away with the twine.


  1. Love it when you find a treasure in your stash! LOVE this especially the trailing butterflies!

  2. This paper couldn't be more perfect, Lynn. I love it with your photo and al of the other purple you pulled in. It's my favorite color actually. :)


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