Friday, July 12, 2013

Sandy toes....

This is an amazing photo technically. 
The colors are perfect and the composition is terrific.
 I want to take photos like that when I grow up.
And of course, those two kidlets are too cute for words.
 In fact Annie looks like a tiny animated doll with that sweet face and smile.
I like that Owen is messing with the sand and
both are enjoying the grit and cool of it on their feet.
I had some Authentique beachie papers left.
 (Shocking I know).
This page actually came together without a lot of castastrophe associated
with it - (another shock).
I also tilted the papers a bit behind the photo just because.
(will the shocks never end).
I broke out a swirly stamp from Technique Tuesday and used ranger -faded jeans ink.
Who knew beach papers could be so pretty and cool.
The only thing NOT Authentique is the title and the red
polka dotted paper.
Sassafrass Lass - the fit was perfect.
And the letters are kinda sparkly like sand. 


  1. Amazing photo and love the page. Love your paper choices!! Beautiful Lynn!!!

  2. HEY.
    I don't even know where to start...let me start with an apology for not being "around" here as much as a friend should...I've been kinda sucky at that. My apologies.

    next, You have been COMPLETELY rocking with the pages. I am totally jealous (shocked? you shouldn't be). Keep cranking them out sister - I'm paying attention to them somewhere, even if I don't blog-comment. :)


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