Wednesday, July 17, 2013


It could be the capsule - remember the old days of astronauting??? I tried to tell my kidlets but alas they were born in the days of shuttles.

No splashdowns which I'm sure took all the fun out of re-entry - having to land and everything.


No quarentine. This one had to be the big one - like you just got done spending a lot of time with the guys and there you were in quarentine with the same dudes.

Anyway, nothing better than a slide on hot day. And you get to do it over and over again until all the water has been splashed out of the pool. And then you add more. All without a quarentine. Life is good.

I messed around with this page. Splattering paint about - that ended up not being tooo splattered. I wanted it to run. It didn't run. I had to make it run which made it look like I made it run. Sigh. I also did some misting using an onion bag. I also used some Studio Calico stuff, Cosmo Cricket and Sassafrass Lass. OO OO and the title is from some really really old Basic Grey. Kinda like the capsule.


  1. Loving the title area and page background. The kids aren't bad either. awesome work Lynn!!!

  2. I like the water that you made run - I like it as it is. You have to MAKE a splash you know, it ain't gonna happen all on its lonesome ;)


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