Monday, July 15, 2013

Hello facetime.........

Technology is wonderful.
 Especially when a connection can be made.
This is Connor. 
My grandson who is the spitting image of his dad.
He's adorable.
He's precocious.
He's chatty.
And doesn't that bring back memories.
I'm so glad him and I got to chat.
I wondered what I was going to say.
And there were no worries.
Because Connor was chatty, precoscious and totally adorable.
But you knew that.
Love the 4 year old pose.
He did it just for me.
And I love it and him. 
Like totally.
And its complicated.

Studio Calico stuffs. Washi.


  1. This is the sweetest page to showcase this adorable photo!

  2. So cute!! Love the photo and love those great layers!

  3. awesome Lynn!! I love it when I see my boys in their children. Just makes me happy!!!


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