Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fashionable rain gear

Annie looks totally adorable in her Minnie Mouse raingear. Love all the color and snazzy designs.

In order to live up to all the goodness, I broke out my new background stamp that my pal Holli gave me and attempted to use my gelatos. For some reason they didn't work with the ink (it smeared and the paper was "treated"), so I broke out the watercolors to add some zing.

Love how it turned out. IT'S PPPPIIIINNNKKK!!!!!

Punched out some flowers, and the swirly things in the middle are punched from leftover paper (it was originally 8.5x11) and is now 8x8. Added a bit o'bling, twine, washi, pinwheel (ooooo) and a cool notebook paper journaling card. The transparency softens everything up a bit.

It also happened to work out for the Ad/Art challenge over at SNC. It is a poster of the "when it rains it pours" girl for iodized salt.


  1. You made that cool background? Wow! Love this and it's my favorite color combo too!

  2. aww this is so cute!! Love that background!


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