Monday, June 10, 2013

Traveling gnome & Center field

 And then there is Lou dressed up as the traveling gnome.

I was hoping he'd get on down to Florida.

But alas, not yet.

However, he does look adorable in his snappy duds and beard. IN the woods. A true gnome. Although I'm not sure gnomes are all happy and cute.

Lou is sitting in the grass in a ball cap and since dad is quite the Yankees fan I decided that a baseball reference would be perfect.

Practicing all my layering and paper matching. Traveling gnome is 8x8 for the parents and centerfield is MINE all MINE. bwahahahaha!!!

I love the cloud paper and thought it would be overwhelming but it worked out perfect especially with the woodsy scene in the photo.

It's nice to work in different sizes. Although I'm keeping the parents to 8x8 for ease of mailing. And I really need to commence to mailing because they are piling up for all involved families.

I also neeeeeed more photos.


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