Monday, June 3, 2013

Maddawg's Madcap at SNC...

I know glitter can be scary because it has a mind
of its own and goes everywhere.
And because I'm challenged in ways like that I
can assure you it need not be that way.
 I have the Martha Stewart glitter and its packaged like
a little salt shaker with cute little bottles of glue
that goes where you put it.
So you shake it out over the glue and tap it off.
and wa-la a bit o' the glitter on your page.
You don't need a lot. 
Sometimes just a little to make your point.
This banner is made out of gelato when I was playing
with the product with my pal Holli. 
I also played with some embossing dies and added
the glitter with some mist splats.

So the maddawg madcap is GLITTER IT UP!
SNC is a friendly bunch just hanging out
scrappin' and chattin'
and challengin'.


  1. The touches of glitter are so pretty! You almost have me convinced it would be OK to bring some into my house. Notice I said "almost"? LOL! :)

  2. I agree with Lisa~you mean glitter is OK? Look amazing!! Love the sweet pictures too!!!

  3. Great page! Love the white space!

  4. This is beautiful. That picture is so cute.


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