Thursday, June 6, 2013

Perfect form....

Never mind that daddy is showing Mz. Amelia, warrior princess nerf weapon safety, proper stance and aim.

Look at her form.

Her little body suit, adorable legs and those shoes and Amelia standing tall.  And then those Silver maryjanes. The perfect posture. Like Seriously.


Tis enough to make you swoon.

Love the entire package. She's a hoot and her tiny little girly features and mannerisms just slay me. Amelia is growing up so fast. Somebody needs to put bricks in her body suit and slow her down.

Like now.

Most of the page, actually dare I saw all, is from a Studio Calico kit. I really need to pay attention. Or not. Well I did add some punched pieces. "love you to the moon and back" paper.

SO true.

Happy Birthday to Shane with
his new friend Liberty.


  1. LOVE IT!!! so cute and you are right about it all, her form, the shoes you captured something special. Great LO!!!!

  2. Oh my, that photo is priceless. Look at her. So sweet! Love this page.

  3. adorable! Love that background paper!

  4. Gorgeous layout. That picture is so darn cute!!


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