Wednesday, June 26, 2013

On the porch

Back in the day there was a lot of porch sitting
and/or hanging out.
Mostly because it was hot hot hot most of the days
and A/C was a twinkle in someone's eyes.

I began this page with no photos in mind. I bought a new
My Mind's Eys 6x6 paper pad and decided
that I should be breaking into it.
The dictionary page is Authentique.
I decided to take the opportunity to test out my new
chandelier stamp and lift one of Connie's techniques
and stamp on the paper practicing my stamping before actually
using a real dictionary. 
As you can see I need a bit more practice but I'm happy
with the overall effect.

After I had the base built I began to look for photos. I dug
into the wayback box and found the bottom photo 
and had a hmmm..... moment.
I believe I saw this photo before and had pulled it out.
So it should've been in the pile on my desk.
The mystery of the moving photo....
I looked at the pile on my desk.
and GASP....
There was the other one I pulled out.
What a prize! Mostly with the same players but with a
few more posing. 
Great grandmom and grandpop.
Great Uncle Augie just to continue name dropping.
Then ME and MOM. I'm the really cute one :)
My cousin Karen her mom Lillian
and Cousin Ruth.
I do not remember a cousin Ruth so I need to research her.
There is writing on the back but its very messy on one,
and in pencil on the other, so I didn't use it. Sadly.
That would've been a total coup.
I also have no idea of the location.
I'm leaning toward Hellertown, but the only cousin left
that may be able to help will probably say Philadelphia.
So I'm torn and undecided.
I know you're surprised.


  1. Fabulous page. Fabulous story. Even with AC, we like to spend a lot of time on our porch. :)

  2. Beautiful layout and old photos.

  3. A new favorite of mine-awesome layout Love the text paper stamped like that! Thanks for the plug!


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