Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tumbling tumble weeds...

Having fun on the sofa while in the care of dad. Its always fun with dad-handling things.

Of course dad with a camera is like him being a cheese eater because its all on film.


But at this age do you really care. Nope. It's about having fun and getting all that energy down to a mild roar.

Of course I didn't really know they were "tumbling". I just thought they were goofing around on the sofa looking for trouble.

So the title came to me after reading the blog.

Tumbling Tumble Weeds is a country and western song recorded by the Sons of the Pioneers who also sang with Roy Rogers. Its a very cool song. And I'm totally shutting up now because this is sooooooooo dating me.

So some of what is on the page is Studio calico but the paper eludes me. I really need to start writing this stuff down.



  1. Great photo and GREAT layout! I love the play on words with the title!

  2. Such a fun and perfect title for this wonderful page, Lynn!

  3. very nice~love the design on this one:):):)


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