Monday, June 10, 2013

Charmed & dangerous and Seriously Silly

 Love these two. They are so funny to be around - always up to something and just being boys.

Quintin with the sweet smile and coutenance could charm a snake right out of his skin.

You have to be on your toes at all times.

Love that I get a peek into their personalities.

Get the two of them together and well trouble and hijinks abound. That's how it goes down with brothers.

I'm thinking mama has her hands full.

Two handsome boys - she needs to break out the big stick to beat off the girls.

You can never start that too early.

Studio Calico and Authentique rules the day with a mix of older papers and tags. Nothing tricky on the pages - as I find that in scrapping for others straightforward pages are good so that no one is afraid to journal and put the story on the page. Of course if I do get tricky - sticky notes with lots of instructions guide the way.


  1. They look fantastic~so HL worthy. You have to use HL stuff to submitt, good luck!!! YOU can do it!!!

  2. CHarmed and how clever is that title?!?! Both fabulous pages, Lynn. Love the banner work and layering on the second page.


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