Thursday, June 13, 2013


I have been stalking videos of 
IN the mood to scrap.... by Janna Werner over at 2 Peas.
I happen to be in possession of some gelatoes
and guidance is always a plus with a new product,
especially one in my possession.
Its the video done on June 4th Art to Layout.
She uses a mood board.
I used her.
I love finding new techniques and styles.
I seem to be fickle or searching.
I'm leaning toward fickle.
It's an enhanced blonde thing.
So the pinky/red and yellow are my gelato colors.
It didn't quite come out the way her's did.
I think I need to play more.
Actually we both covered a lot of it up.
Shocking I know.
She also did a lot of layering.
And so did I.
Great way to use those pesky scraps up.
Her's is a bit more softer. 
Mine alas, is not.
Love this photo - mama and Quintin.
I left mama lots of journaling space.
And there's my clever title.
I know you're impressed.
Hey I liked the stamp and it actually works.
I love white c/s - it makes me swoon.
I need to use it more.


  1. Another winner, Lynn! Have a great weekend!

  2. awesome LO and thanks for the tips~I have a complete set of Gelatos and to wonder how to use them. I worry the background will not stand up to the "time" factor. Great to see you used that way.

  3. Fabulous page! Love your design and layering. I've been wanting to get some of those gelatos ever since I saw Janna use them. Way cool!


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