Thursday, June 13, 2013

He needed to be higher..

As you know I stalk and she has a treasure trove
of helpful hints and tips.
I picked up these 2 photos and put them down 
several times. 
Has that ever happened to you?
I couldn't find the right paper or accents to tell the story
and I was driving myself crazy.
(short drive)
Well Shimelle has a tab called starting points that I found 
quite by accident. In checking out her starting points I found
that I may be over thinking things.
Just a tad.
So I picked out papers and laid them out and even 
adhered it. Yeah yeah she even talks about repositionable tape.
It just so happened that my new Studio Calico kit had come 
and while I was fondling all the new goodies, I found
that I just couldn't use the papers or goodies.
Well what good is getting a kit if you "save it for good?"
 And Oh does that phrase date a person.
Well once I found a starting point - everything just flowed. 
There was some give and take but overall there wasn't
a lot of stress involved.
And what fun is a hobby if there's a bunch of stress.
I believe I'll be using my own starting points for the future
and stop over thinking things.
 Baby steps.

1 comment:

  1. Well I'm glad you cut into the kit because this turned out fab, Lynn. I tend to overthink too. Not fun. Not fun at all. Scrapbooking = stress free, right? :)


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