Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Love this series of black and white photos that Jill took after the tragedy in CT. It was a blessing to her to have her children at home, safe and in bed.

 Sleeping blissfully, innocently.

I started making this page for another picture - but it just wasn't working out so change of plans worked perfectly. She actually combined this series and made one 4x6 (or 3x5) photo. Love collagy looks like this.

And bonus is that the B side of the Authentique base paper is ledger paper so she can totally journal on the back. I also used the last of paper up with "little moments" sentiment.

We had a lovely time in NJ, however, my photos are less than stellar and I tried to be sooooo careful - even using auto to make sure I didn't screw things up. Sigh. Photoshopping can ONLY do so much. My challenge for the day....


  1. Beautiful page, Lynn. You captured the story behind the photos perfectly. Perfect title too. Good luck with your photo editing!

  2. awww how sweet. Those pictures are so cute.

  3. another fave of mine~ so you and so gorgeous!!!!


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