Friday, January 18, 2013

When the Saints come marching in....

To make things fun and challenge myself
it was use your stock lens day.
18-55mm canon.
I had a really good time with it.
 The French Quarter is baacck! Or on its way.
 I still love the old buildings.
The character, facades and ladders.
I decided that some b&w are in order.
Who can resist a rocking pig greeting people in the front of the store.
It might work for Lou.
 And then there's Jackson Square and the St. Louis cathedral.
It's inevitable that people will be in your pictures. 
So you just have to deal.
 This gentleman's beautiful horn made music on the river's edge.
He was a lot of fun and very personable.
 And then there's this guy.
I'm as speechless as you.
 This cafe looked so pretty. I don't know about the food
I wasn't hungry when I passed by.
 More store and restaurant fronts.
 There's a person in that pink thing and its chatting
with those people.
You can see everything in the square.
 Don't doors, windows and shutters make you swoon.
Have you notice I do a lot of swooning.
Love this shot. 
For being really cold, it was sunny and beautifulwhich breaks 
my cloudy, rainy and moody streak.


  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love all the pics i wanna go now.. looks amazing


  2. Wow Lynn, those are some wonderful photos, what a fun vacation you must be having.

  3. Beautiful pictures. I love that rocking pig! Not too sure about the naked dude though...


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